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Glass Bending

We can fabricate curved laminated glass up to 25mm thick, with bends up to 180 degrees or made of compound shapes. In most cases, our edges are CNC-finished for exact tolerances and edge polish quality.

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HD Digital printing

We have 2 state-of-the-art U.V. Inkjet Printers, each capable of producing true 1500 DPI resolution on glass widths up to 96” X whatever your height requirements.

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Glass Laminating

We now have 5 different interlayer choices to suit your laminated glass needs: EVA, 2 different liquid polyester and U.V. curable acrylate interlayers.

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U.V. Bonding

We specialize in U.V. Bonded glass showcases. When templates are provided, our tolerances can be as tight as you need them to be.

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CNC Capabilites

We offer In-House CNC Cutting and Waterjet Cutting. We can also finish the edges and mark holes at our CNC Machining Centre. 

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Back painted glass

Back painted glass is now easier and quicker with our new automated paint line. We offer a wide array of special effects and waterborne paints for those that require a greener solution.

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Digital sand blasting

This is a new term we’re using to describe sandblasted glass images in the most minute detail. Included is a  “superhydrophobic” sealer so that sandblasted glass is no longer a chore to maintain.

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Other Services

We offer edge mitering up to 50mm thickness, edge polishing up to 100mm thickness, flat and automatic hole drilling, cut-outs of any size and waterjet cutting of your own materials.

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We are an innovative glass fabricator with an enviable reputation for producing quality glass products to customer’s specifications on-time and on-budget. We’re at our best when involved early on in a project, offering our know-how to the creative process.

Working from a 35,000 square foot facility in the Greater Toronto Area, our machinery includes a full complement of state-of-the-industry equipment. More important than our equipment are the capabilities of our skilled craftspeople. We employ thirty people full time and more on a part-time (as-needed) basis.

featured projects

Marriott Marquis Houston

This stunning 3D Printed Art Glass Reception Wall is in Houston’s newest Marriott Marquis Hotel. The wall is made up of  ten forward panels that are perfectly aligned to interact with ten rear board lite spaced several inches behind. The result is a brilliant shimmer as you walk by.

Back to the Future

Paul LaFrance asked us to assist in the creation of his personal design table. We came up with this “Back to the Future” clock theme printed in digital silver and gold. Behind that is a natural Onyx “Designer Stone Panel" ™ and bend that, a “TechniLite L.E.D Light Panel” to complete the statement.