U.V. Bonding glass is a fast and efficient way to produce glass showcases with pristine clean bonded edges that are incredibly strong. With over 20 years of experience working with these materials, we’re your best source for quality bonded showcases with tolerances second to none.

U.V. Bonding is a technologically advanced method of glass assembly. It involves the use of completely invisible specialized adhesives that offer high strength, low tension at the joint and optimal resistance to moisture.

U.V. Bonding allows designers and manufacturers the ability to create elegant and unique creations that appear to defy the conventional laws of gravity. It is fast becoming the glass assembly method of choice for designers and architects as well as furniture and store fixture manufacturers.


mondo condos
With the intention of influencing the new urban home buyer, Mondo Condos decided on this very modern look for their sales centre. The designer relied on our expertise in UV Bonding when developing and executing this concept.
Solstice realized that a very effective way to showcase their eyeglasses was to use UV Bonded glass - eliminating the need for metal hardware supports, which tend to distract the buyers eye. The end result is a very clean, modern look.
Tiffany's chose a bank vault in the historic New York Stock Exchange building as the location of their "100 Year Anniversary" store. This was on the condition that they did not touch or change the interior facade that was built in the 1800s, and which features beautiful caps and caissons throughout. Next, Tiffany's contracted world-renowned designer George Yabu of YabuPushelberg. Mr. Yabu was asked to create a design comprised of 'space and room' - ultimately delivering  a spectacular glass showcase wall design that allowed some privacy in an otherwise cavernous space. 
tiffany (cont.)
An added feature of the glass walls are the thousands of small glass chiclets that were carefully positioned on the interior of the glass walls to appear to as though suspended in mid-air, given their size. We were challenged with building Mr. Yabu's elaborate vision - developing a complex set of procedures never before required until asked to create displays of this size and weight.  Ultimately our not only succeeded in building these elaborate showcases, but also designed the specialized crating and transportation procedure to ensure they arrive on site on time and intact!
A wonderful example of a designer's vision becoming reality, thanks to the versatility of UV Bonding. This upscale restaurant was ecstatic with this uniquely creative glass installation - a result of collaboration between the designer and us.