Combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge technologies is how we’ve chosen to specialize in manufacturing glass. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine the newest technologies with traditional craftsmanship. This is especially true in our print department. With two grand format U.V. Inkjet printers, we’re able to serve you better and faster with uncompromising quality.

These state of the art printers are capable of printing at a true 1500dpi resolution. It is also unique in that it is capable of printing variable dot sizes with its grey scale print heads. We have also developed a “mirror quality silver” digital print process for those looking for silver pattern prints with superb edge quality. With this type of high definition imagery combined with a size capability of up to 96" x 144", the sky is your limit!

Whether your idea involves high-res photos, graphic imagery or exceptionally smooth vignettes (hombres), our HD Printing will deliver uncompromising quality! One of the most unique capabilities we've developed is the ability to deliver digitally printed mirror quality silver to the architectural market. Whether you're considering a few mirror patterned accent pieces or cladding a building with printed silver windows, we can deliver.


We were engaged to assist in the design of the distinctive glass screen concept for Delta Hotel's corporate office. More and more, designers are realizing the unique way in which we are printing direct-to-glass and how it is opening up new possibilities - such as three dimensional art in glass.
Elizabeth arden
Looking for a competitive advantage in the busy landscape of retail cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden turned to us for an eye-catching 3D display front. These display fronts are now their standard for world-wide production - and feedback is that they are a huge success, drawing the consumer's eye to their brand.
Christian dior
By being able to control opacities, even something as simple as an opaque black background surrounding a backlight Dior logo is elevated to a new level of elegance. Our multi-layer printing capability allows us to achieve transitions from opaque to whatever level of opacity you desire with an edge quality never seen before.
marriott houston
This stunning 3D Printed Art Glass Reception Wall is in Houston’s newest Marriott Marquis Hotel. The wall is made up of 10 forward panels that are perfectly aligned to interact with 10 rear board lite spaced several inches behind. The result is a brilliant shimmer as you walk by.
Paul lafrance
Paul LaFrance asked us to assist in the creation of his personal design table. We came up with this “Back To The Future” clock theme printed in digital silver and gold. Behind that is a natural Onyx “Designer Stone Panel” (registered) and bend that, a “TechniLite L.E.D Light Panel” to complete the statement.
Argyle st, halifax
The signage for Argyle Street was awarded second place at the 2019 Best of Canada Sign Industry Awards.

The glass panels are comprised of four 1/8" structural glass sheets with graphics in cyan and magenta laminated between panels. The layering of the two colours produces a third colour, blue. The unique design features an Argyle pattern, referencing both the patterning employed in the streetscape and the “Argyle” street name.