We’re able to produce both bent annealed and laminated safety glass. Thicknesses can range from 3mm up to 25mm in complex bent shapes or radiuses up to 180 degrees. Sizes can be up to 78” X 140” depending on the bend required. On our bent laminated glass, we finish our edges by CNC for high polished edges and tolerances.

Our strength lies in custom, limited production bending; but we also have the resources to manage large volume orders at substantial savings.

Bent glass is produced in our proprietary high-tech ovens, in custom fabricated molds by slowly heating the glass to approximately 600°C. This allows the glass to soften and embrace the shape of the mold. The glass is then slowly cooled to avoid any internal stress. The mold itself plays a very important role in bent glass manufacturing because it determines the quality and angle of the curve.


bass pro shop
Installed in every Bass Pro Shop across North America, these display cases encapsulate the rustic flavour portrayed by this successful retail chain in their stores. We, in conjunction with the store designers, delivered on this vision.
Installed in over 100 locations across North America, this elliptical vitrine posed significant design challenges. We assisted in the design and engineering of these units - resulting in a custom hinge system for the 24" x 78" curved laminated glass doors. This project is a perfect example of our large production run capability.
A very unique feature of the glass in the Koodo kiosks is the fact that the bent glass is of a conical shape, in that the radius at the top is larger than the radius at the bottom. Koodo turned to us for our expertise in curved glass to produce these for all their locations across Canada.
manulife centre
When Manulife looked to replace the railing balustrade in this staircase at their prestigious Head Office entrance, We were awarded the project. Originally made from acrylic, it had become worn and scratched; the newly installed curved glass is visually more appealing and durable.